Tenaxis Medical develops high-performance sealants to meet unmet needs in the vascular fields. The company’s state-of-the-art products are based on proprietary technologies developed by Tenaxis Medical.


ArterX® Surgical Sealant
A unique prophylactic sealant that seals within 10~15 seconds upon clamp release. 1


ArterX® Surgical Sealant is a novel prophylactic agent that seals anastomotic suture lines in seconds. The sealant quickly sets into a soft gel that contains a unique cross-linking agent to provide strong covalent bonding between tissues and to effectively seal grafts.


ArterX® Self-Mixing Syringe system: The sealant's two components are mixed and applied using a self-mixing syringe system that provides easy, precise placement of the sealant.







• Gels in seconds
• Flexible and durable seal (strong covalent bonding)
• Noninflammatory tissue response, similar to sutures
• Bioresorbable
• No mixing required - self-mixing syringe system facilitates accurate placement
• Simple to apply
• Excess sealant easily removed from instruments and surrounding tissue
• Excellent safety profile in human clinical trials conducted in Europe and the USA


1. Stone WM, Fleming M, Fowl RJ, Florek HJ. Multicentral trial of a novel vascular sealant. Poster presented at the Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery, 36th Annual Symposium, March 5-8, 2008, Las Vegas, Nevada.

ArterX is available for sale for its intended purpose as a medical device within the USA and European Union.